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We all have that old jewelry we no longer wear. That gold watch from graduation. The diamond earrings from the ex. The class ring from the 70s. The old diamond engagement ring.

These old jewelry items can mean THOUSANDS of dollars in your pocket – if you sell to the right buyer.

At Phoenix Diamond Buyers, we specialize in buying old jewelry – and we pay the top prices in the Valley.

If you are selling jewelry in Phoenix, you owe it to yourself to get a quote from Phoenix Diamond Buyers. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much that old jewelry is worth!

When Phoenix sells jewelry, they come to Phoenix Diamond Buyers.

Our Clients Testimonials

Quick Response, Satisfied!

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"I sold an inherited diamond ring to Eric at Southwest Jewelry Buyers today and was paid four times what was offered at a local, well advertised jewelry business. A personal friend recommended the other business to me. I'm going to call her today and let her know she can do better!"

Highly recommended!

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"I'm very impressed with my business with Eric, he was very polite and a true business man. I was very pleased to get a large check for my gold and silver and a few small diamonds. It was well worth my drive from Mesa to Scottsdale!! Do not go to pawnshops or anywhere else! This is the one you are looking for! You will be surprised! Thank you Eric! "

Excellent Services

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"I had my 2 carat diamond at a consignment shop for over 10 months - not 1 offer. I sold it to Southwest Jewelry buyers in 10 minutes for a very fair price. I'll NEVER leave anything at a consignment shop again!"

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